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January 2017  Happy New Year, Still!

Welcome to Rainbowkisses, an original, eclectic collection of Pamela Benjamin's creative works and her outlet for expression; also an extension and brainchild of Pamela's Petals.

Check in for product additions. Selling items are: books, music and soon to come, custom made dolls, hand knit blankets, scarves, hats, knitted bags.

There're games, blogs and animated opinions to color the day. In the end, there should be edification and inner evaluation. Take interest, dare to dream high and challenge what lays beyond the realm you know of yourself.



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Blogged Down

Stop Ingesting Stupidity   8.10.2012

I try brushing it off but people HAVE to stop coddling the ancient stupidity of the insecurity called 'racism'. Your brain will breathe, your imagination will expand towards great ideas that are inclusive. People of a certain attribute are not statistics nor are they to be relegated to every new and old disease that's circulating about or any other negative situation.Minority is not a color. Invisibility has a face. Right now this world society suffocates because they think nothing can be done about this insecurity.

I call 'racism' an insecurity cause it's got nothing to do with someone's color or lack of it - people who feel not so valuable have to pick on something; it's the school bully syndrome in a sense. You have to feel powerful to be somebody. In the social class division, explain why you're going to treat someone who cleans up after and serves you, like they were toilet waste. The whole thing has escalated over the centuries, giving credence to something that's become so ingrained and insidious to a degree that the issue gets softly ushered to a corner to marinate and be dealt with another time. Everyone is going to have his day. Why not make it one for EVERYONE to enjoy. It really can't be all that hard; just different.

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Video Recommendation of the Century   8.9.2012

"23 Minutes in Hell" as told by Bill Wiese. All dogma and pride aside, I'm a Christian and can attest to the most minute of what he describes but it's in no comparison to what he's been through. Demons are the stuff of Hollywood scare and the true stew of what nightmares are made.

Thank God for Jesus.



I Can't Be a Societal Drone Anymore   7.12.2012

Sometimes your biggest dream squelchers can be the familiar ones closest to you, perhaps unintentionally. It's just that they haven't experienced your vision yet. But I know, for years, I've gone thecoventional route of a 9-5 and have gotten nowherecloser to what I believe God put in me to fulfill. He gives everyone a talent and an anointing; if one's anointing is to be a desk assistant, take sludge from the 'higher-up' and bear the grudge and grind of surviving each day beneath a system that won't nurture your true skills, then God bless that individual. Just don't expect a cookie-cutter outlook for everyone else - the ones who want to go beyond what's bearly tolerable to something almost intolerable BUT worth it because it's a dream that you are actually accomplishing. Life equates to more than weekends, sick days, holidays and 4 spread out weeks of time to do your own business.

God is too big to be ensconced within the world's quotidian way of life. He's got something new all the time for those who will take on the adventurous task. If you want it, go with it and He'll help you. If you don't, refrain from denigrating, scolding and dissuading your fellow man for taking a different path. Even if it doesn't work out in the beginning there's still the hope, faith and belief of a successful end because it's not always predicated upon another man's signature. It isn't far fetched for bartering to become more prevalent in this nation, today.

Blessings to all and particularly the vision coddlers.

"My dreams are bigger than my pockets and they're all fulfill-able." Pamela Benjamin




Every Summer, I Wait for Autumn and Winter   7.1.2012

Born a winter baby with the average 98.6 body temperature, give a degree, I cannot understand those who love heat waves or temperatures in the 80s and above. It makes me mad enough to imagine sending them all on a rocket to the sun; perhaps theearth'll be cooler then. BUT I'm just venting cause it's TOO HOT TO BE NECESSARY!


Kinetic, Energized and Motivated

I thank God for allowing me to be a small portion of His mass.

Isaiah 41:10: Amplified Bible
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


Creative art, writing and music He has provided me, as my way of escape from a world too heavy sometimes. So, since I'm down here, it's my task to give God a great return on His investment. Thankfully, He loves me either way. Here at The Doll Cave is a display sampling of what comes from the home inside me.


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The true account of a special little girl transitioning to womanhood in the old South. Run a mile in her shoes during her breathless journey through an age where individuals of her caliber are seldom acknowledged for making life an interesting turn of events.

Not everything green is gold.

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A story about a family therapist who is visited by a young, eerily odd client where the doctor-patient confidentiality will no longer apply.

Suspenseful, mind jostling and luring. To this family, blood is thicker than water and very much coveted.

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* When you're working in your desired profession, you thank God it's Monday.

* Don't run after what's already behind you.

* We are God's greatest invention.

* Beware of the Hollywood Sink Hole.

* To the gossipers, cliques and bullies who taunt and gibe the uncommon one — cultivate your own security instead of coveting theirs. Your brain is starving for attention.

* Failure stings but victory soothes.

* Learning can be painful. Ignorance is bliss — but not recommended.

* Don't mistreat the down trodden in comparison to your happy wallet. You may be working for one in the next 25 seconds.

* One color does not make an interesting rainbow.


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